TEC Island



TEC Island

By means of OpenSim technology, we have developed our own virtual island dedicated to religious tolerance and understanding. On TEC Island there are Muslim, Jewish, Christian, and Druze houses of worship that include activities around the various festivals. For your information, the first online Druze house of worship (Helwa) was built here.

TEC Island offers a wealth of activities associated with religions and customs, and students can play games together and hold meaningful discussions.

Students can sit around the campfire and listen to stories in three languages, participate in drum circles, tour Jerusalem and get to know the city’s diverse aspects, participate in a puzzle on the gates of Jerusalem, and send a balloon carrying a prayer for peace.

Virtual food can be ordered at the restaurant, and students can shop in the interactive market in three languages, and thus learn basic terms in Hebrew, Arabic, or English.

The Island contains the following festivals: Ramadan, Passover, and Easter, each of which includes a wealth of interactive activities.

As part of the TEC Program we have developed two new islands:

On Welcome TEC Island participants follow a route consisting of twelve stations at which they learn how to move from place to place and orient themselves on the island.

TEC Town Island is designed for students participating in the TEC4Schools program. Here the children, Jews and Arabs, design and build their group’s house.

During the International Day the Islands will be open to guests wishing to experience them; if you wish to take part in a tour, please follow the instructions below.

Instructions for entering the Island:

First, install OpenSim (follow the instruction in the video)

When requested to enter a username and password, use one of the following:

Guest numbers 1-10 for male avatars; Guest numbers 11-20 for female avatars

Please note that there is a space between the word “guest” and the number;

The password for all guests is identical!

Username: Guest 1; Password: 1234; Location: Welcome TEC




How to install Firestorm


How to move in the Island